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Your dilemma - We often hear applicants say “I have been working in my industry for several years and I know which resume works”. Well, we are sure you have great professional experience and brilliant academic record to support it, but let us tell you that the format of a resume for business school is totally different from your professional resume. Using your professional resume for business school application can be a costly mistake. If drafted well, it can provide a great deal of information about you and your career path. On the other hand, a casual approach can put your application in jeopardy! Are you willing to play a gamble?

Our Promise - We will guide you to refine your resume and make it consistent with your story. We will tell you what points you need to highlight in order to shine in the crowd of thousand other applicants. Moreover, we will also advice you on how can you compensate for the loop-holes in your resume by highlighting suitable achievements in other parts of your application.

Also refer to key guidelines to follow to create MBA resume which helps you stand out.

First Assessment - $199

Second Assessment - Free

Turnaround time for Resume Reviewing is 2 Business Days.

Do you need faster turn-around time?

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When I started the process, I was confused. The team at IndusMinds helped me realize what I was worth of and enabled me to gain admission into a good school with fellowship award as well.