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MBA Application Process

The MBA application process is a long one and consists of the following steps:

  • Valid GMAT score: Check school policy on which score do they consider. Is it the latest, highest or average score?
  • Valid TOEFL score (required if English was not your first language): TOEFL might be waived in some school application but to be on safer side get this score handy.
  • School selection: This is a long process and depends on various factors such as:
    • Corporate experience so far
    • DATA points such as GMAT, GPA etc
    • Post-MBA career plans
    • Profile of admit students in the past.
  • Resume preparation
  • Essays for schools selected
  • Transcripts: Be ready with your transcripts from previous schools. In some case the transcript request might even takes months so trigger this process early.
  • Mock Interviews: Depends on school policy where some schools have open door policy for candidates wanting to interview. On the other hand some schools have a 'invite-only' interview policy.

Once you have received a final admit from a school, you have to worry about finances and logistical aspects such as:

  • CFR: Document to prove you have enough financial backing to complete the MBA program.
  • I20: Once you have submitted your CFR, the school issues the I20 form with details of the expected expenses.
  • VISA: You need to file for a F1 visa with similar financial documents to prove your financial health to support two years of tuition, boarding expense etc. The total expenses are mentioned in the I20 form.
  • Book your tickets: You should explore if student discounts are available on some flights. Extra savings don't hurt, do they?
  • Lodging and boarding in USA: Explore the network in USA (such as continuing students) for help. Try forming a group with new admits.
  • Now you are ready for a two year long grueling schedule. Good luck!

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