Imagine This - You are sitting in a dark corner frustrated about lack of opportunities in your current organization. You often think of changing your career but have no idea on how to proceed. You finally realize that it’s time to get your MBA. Well... Congratulations!! At least you are thinking about your way out to a high flying career.

Couple of years back, I was in the same situation and frankly I was lost. Hours spent on internet simply added to the confusion. I almost gave up even before I started. Somebody then suggested ‘first things first’. So I gave the GMAT and got impressive scores (99 percentile). That’s an achievement, isn’t it? I hate to disappoint you but GMAT is just a small step in the process.

Next came the toughest part! Very soon while rushing through my applications; I realized that this was probably the first time when I thought:

  • What is my biggest achievement till date?
  • What are my career goals?
  • What do I plan to achieve once I am done with my MBA?

Three sleepless nights and I finally came up with a nice and ambitious story. It took another 10 hours to get done with my first essay on my ‘career goals’. A random guy on some forum offered to review my essay and it took him 15 minutes (oh yes, he did mention 15 minutes in his email) to blast it and ridiculed me for wasting his ‘precious’ time. Fortunately my literary background and experience from penning dozens of articles in national dailies came to my rescue. Call it luck if you may, I got two admits with fellowships from both. If you are not aware of the realities I must inform you that scholarships are extremely rare in a MBA program and getting the highest fellowship award is …...

Couple of months later when in my MBA program, I reviewed more than three dozen essays. For an admission committee, it would not take more than a couple of minutes to throw these applications in a ‘cold stack’ and squash your rosy dreams even before you started. Now part of top MBA programs these students consider themselves lucky that I agreed to review their essays.

Do you really need to put your hand in the fire and realize that it really burns? Probably not....

IndusMinds was born with this philosophy in mind. Having gone through the process with stellar success, our team is confident of providing you the right direction. We can’t promise you an admission but we can work with you to ensure you had a realistic chance of aiming high! We have gathered a team of enthusiastic individuals who love helping applicants. Every team member is a graduate from a highly ranked program. They have also gained post-MBA corporate experience in global setting and know what it takes to succeed. We can not only help you in your admissions but also mentor you in your career search.


MBA (Honors) -UCLA Anderson School of Management

B Tech (IIT BHU, India)

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When I started the process, I was confused. The team at IndusMinds helped me realize what I was worth of and enabled me to gain admission into a good school with fellowship award as well.