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It's fun to be part of a team which holds very high standards and which will never compromise on the basic ethos to grow. Out team comprises of established individuals from all walks of life ranging from technology and business gurus from companies like Amazon, Barclays and Fidelity. If you have a passion to make an impact then drop us a note at and we might find something to best leverage your strengths. Some of the current openings are:

MBA Admission Consultants

If you are a graduate from a top business school (Top 20 in US or LBS/Insead) and enjoy helping aspiring MBA students then ping us for more details. If you have an air since you went to a top business school then ....ah there are other companies which might suit you best. In either case, we can point you in the right direction.

Web Designer

We are a bunch of geeks and self-proclaimed business gurus. We understand the importance of a great user interface and can spot one when we see it but we need you to be our lead in building one for us. Do you like to build a user interface which is simple and efficient and caters to one and only one person- the end user? If yes, drop us an email and we have a lot to talk about. Let's get some creative juices flowing.

Creative Writer

Are you good at putting words into a powerful message? Every year thousands of aspiring MBA students browse on IndusMinds and benefit from the content which the team has created but we need a lot more. You get to work with accomplished individuals at IndusMinds and help getting their thoughts and wisdom on paper.

Everything else...

Do you have a great business idea or a POC in place and now you need someone to guide you and may be shell out some dough too? We are active in several ventures and we are all ears to what you have to say.

Connect with us on linkedIn and facebook.

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When I started the process, I was confused. The team at IndusMinds helped me realize what I was worth of and enabled me to gain admission into a good school with fellowship award as well.